log management

Collection, analysis and archiving of logs

TeskaLabs, a modern Czech log management tool, provides a comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. It allows logs to be easily searched, identified and immediately responded to operational events and security threats.

TeskaLabs is designed to help your organization run faster and more efficiently.

Cyber security

TeskaLabs helps to quickly detect and analyze cyber threats and operational incidents. It provides a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the IT infrastructure. Real-time data analysis provides the space to react immediately. Immutably stored data provides a reliable incident record for incident investigation and subsequent prevention.

Compliance with legislation

Fulfilling requirements based on the new European Union Directive NIS2 and the Act on Cyber Security No.181/2014 Coll., and Decree on Cyber Security no. 82/2018 Coll. Storing data for 18 months to meet the requirements of the Act on Cyber Security No.82/2018 (critical, important information systems), and ČSN ISO 27001:2013.


Support from the manufacturer is available from the first consultation, through deployment to operation of the technology. All questions or assistance are handled by a team of security experts and specialists. During the first 3 months after deployment, there is a so-called Hyper Care period. During this time, the deployment is given extra attention and care to make the transition to live operation as smooth as possible.

Main benefits of


  • Complete overview of all data from the IT infrastructure and events in the company
  • Easy search and visibility of all logs
  • Clear and modern user interface
  • Early detection and immediate response to potential threats or issues
  • Large number of pre-made visualizations
  • Possibility of expanding the set of dashboards with new visualizations according to the individual needs of the customer and its infrastructure
  • An unlimited number of visualizations or dashboards without affecting the performance of the technology
  • Immediate response to events
  • A modern tool without the historical burden and technological debt
  • Seamless connection of non-standard logo sources
  • Creation of own detection rules without the need for programming
  • Creation of own correlation rules according to individual needs
  • If the volume of data within the license is exceeded, the data is not discarded
  • Operation and work with the tool are intuitive and undemanding
  • Possibility to extend TeskaLabs to a full-fledged SIEM

Technical parameters

  • Support for more than 350 different log sources
  • Support for collecting logs from dozens of different databases
  • Real-time data reporting and analysis
  • Easy scaling of the tool according to the growth of the IT infrastructure without affecting system performance
  • Throughput of more than 500,000 EPS – events per second
  • Single Sign-on connectivity with Active Directory
  • TeskaLabs SeaCatAuth, for authentication, authorization, user role management, and access control
  • Multi-user mode. An unlimited number of users can use PLUS at once
  • Multi-tenancy mode. A single physical installation provides multiple separate instances
  • TeskaLabs SP-Lang. An easy and intuitive expression language for writing your parsers and correlation rules
  • Easy connection to Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning modules
  • Distribution in Docker containers
  • Guaranteed immutability of data

Deployment options


On-premise or local deployment

On premise deployment can be realized by delivery of a software license with installation on the customer’s hardware, or as a total delivery i.e. software license and hardware.

Software as a service (SaaS)

The fastest and most cost-effective log management deployment option. The solution is delivered as a service. This eliminates the need to worry about hardware, administration and operation of the technology.







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EPS calculator

Use the EPS calculator to estimate the data intensity of your IT structure.

To correctly determine the size of a log management or SIEM solution, you need to perform an IT infrastructure analysis, for which you need to know two basic values. The first is the events per second (EPS), these define the number of events and processes that take place on the devices connected to the IT infrastructure.The second is the daily volume of data (GB/day) processed in the IT infrastructure. And the EPS calculator is used for this calculation.

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